IMPACTA (INTERNACIONAL MUSIC PROMOTION, ARTS AND TALENT COMMUNICATION) is an agency that develops news models of communication with international artists, record companies, institutions and companies. IMPACTA creates personalized narratives inspired by professional and human aspects that give each project a unique condition. The agency generates actions related to these projects, broadcasted through conventional media for large audiences. IMPACTA has been created by Enrique Subiela (Duetto Management) and Enrique Rubio (IMusica), two well-regarded musical promoters in Spain.

Campañas Personalizadas

Personalized Campaigns

Planes de Comunicación

Online and Offline Communication Plans

Creación y Posicionamiento de Imagen

Image Creating and Brand Positioning

Eventos y Relaciones Públicas

Events & PR Planning

Estrategias de Difusión y Patrocinio

Broadcasting and Sponsorship Strategies


IMPACTA is defined by a daring vocation to connect the world of art with the most up-dated and creative techniques of the contemporary communication. Its inicials reveal the main concepts of its philosophy:



We are an international agency, although we focused our activity developing proyects in Spain and Latin America.



Our beginning belongs to it, but we aspire to make a fusion with other arts and its future projection in social and economical domains.



Mainly, we are devoted to promote artists represented by Duetto Management and IMúsica, to whom we focus our efforts for their growth in the environments we explore.



We were born and we are growing in the artistic area, containing all the creations that express a vision of the world through emotions and sensations.



Our challenge and great added value is generating new forms of exposure to increase the potencial of our artists in a global communication world.



Wherever it is, we support its development and its impact providing our understanding with the intention of contributing to its reputation.